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Original Scary Maze Game
The first scary maze game ever created. The original game that towers over all clones, impersonators and upgraded versions. This game features 4 of the best scary maze levels ever created. Also features the original Exorcist girl scare pop out with great sound. This game came out some time in 2004. This game was created by Jeremy Winterrowd. Jeremy Winterrowd is one smart dude, a viral internet legend who has created other simple yet addicting flash games. If this game would have never been made this scary maze site and many others would not exist. All those awesome Scary Maze Prank youtube videos would not exist. If scary maze games never existed this world would be slightly more boring. We need games like this to prank kids and gullible adults. I hope you enjoy the game that started it all.
Controls: Use mouse, don't touch wall's.

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