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Japanese Scary Maze Game
The Japanese version of the original scary maze game. This game came out shortly after the Original Scary Maze Game. This game I like a lot. It's short and sweat. You get to the scare part a lot faster in this game. Instead of the exorcist girl popping up in this game, it looks to be some kind of bald burned stinky ghoul or something lol. Exorcist girl or not this dude is still scary. The two mazes are nicely done. Easy but much different from the original. The controls are not as smooth as the original and the game lacks levels. If you want to get a scare off fast, this is the best scary maze game to use. Might be better to use this game on the kids that are having problems getting to the scares in other scary maze games.

Controls: Use Mouse, don't touch walls. "Left Mouse Click" the Goal areas to advance to the next level.

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